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  • Choose from a large selection of vinyl sleeves, pockets, jackets, holders, and envelopes commonly used for professional and industrial applications.
  • These Clearlast® quality vinyl products are made to exacting standards of superior clarity and flexibility.
  • All of our stock items are available for your immediate use.


  • Create a unique product for your presentation, business use or special application.
  • Choose from a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes and imprinting to achieve the result most pleasing to you.
  • As manufacturers, we can tailor designs to your exact specifications. The configurations are virtually limitless.

Bardes Products Capabilities

For over 40 years, Bardes Products has been manufacturing and distributing business and industrial products made of flexible vinyl. Bardes specializes in envelopes, pouches, sleeves, and jackets made of vinyl in all sizes, configurations and designs. A large selection of stock products is available for same day shipping.

Bardes' products protect, display, promote and organize documents, promotional materials, rate cards, business cards, CDs and DVDs, photographs, X-rays, immunization records, etc. Large selections of page protectors are available in 3-ring letter and legal binder sizes, as well as tab-folder styles preferred in legal and medical professions. Color-coded products, those that have a colored header or tab, are used in filing systems for organization, quick access, and easy identification. Adhesive backs or magnetic strips can be attached to the backs of envelopes, pouches and holders. Press and seal closures and flaps give important documents protection from the elements and visibility in demanding work environments.

Bardes' custom engineering capabilities are quick, efficient and cost effective. Bardes’ custom product department starts by creating the design that is needed by the customer, with the customer. This design service adds no additional charge to the finished product, although a small tooling cost may be incurred for production samples. Prototypes are sent to the customer for their final approval before the products are manufactured. This process insures that the customer gets exactly what he or she asked for and needs. Bardes can easily manufacture products measuring up to 26" x 38" - larger sizes may be accommodated with adjustments in the manufacturing process. A request to our production department gets a quick answer. The smallest vinyl pockets can be designed to measure 1/2" x 1/2". Bardes can modify a stock product and make it look unique for the customer’s specific application, just ask our Customer Service Department for suggestions.

Flexible vinyl, most often in sturdy, clear 8 gauge material, is heat-sealed into pockets and envelopes with the added capability of being hot die stamped, printed with 4-color process printing, embossed or de-bossed. A customer may request that we add grommets, reinforced hang holes, colored edges or headers, multiple pockets or angled openings. Quotes for a textured or rigid vinyl, or opaque, tinted or PMS color-matched vinyl material can also be furnished. These modifications on stock products or additions to custom pieces give the end user a one-of-a-kind look at an economical cost.