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Your Emergency Medical Information flyer (a.k.a. Vial of Life) can be dropped into the mail today! Call Cheryl at 800-223-1357 to recieve yours. Once it arrives: you may wonder how you can present the information to potential buyers. Well, here's the scoop!

It is VERY important to provide immediate and crucial care in the golden hour* of an injury/onset of illness. Bardes' holders draw immediate attention to the records needed by the EMT/Paramedic team when they arrive at a location. Essential information with easy access, clear visability and all in one place when an emergency arises is provided with this type of packet.

The outside of this pack is made by Bardes Products in various sizes, colors, with or without printing, with flaps, magnetic strips or adhesive backs. The packet can then hold vital and important documents, i.e.:

Medical information such as allergies, current medications, recent surgeries, etc.

Patient wishes documents

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) / Living Will

Treatment restrictions (e.g. blood transfusions)

Contact information - Who to contact in case of emergency including care of pets.

This IS NOT something just for senior citizens. This is something that WILL save anyone's life.

Should something happen, most people are not in a calm, relaxed state of mind to remember everything that an EMT/Paramedic may need to know - having it in writing - removes all question - and the pack goes with the patient to the hospital - further verifying the information.

Many hospitals give patients a "goodie" bag with they are discharged. Filled with pens....key-chains...etc. Will these items save the patient's life? Or insure their wishes are carried out?

So, not only is the welfare of the patient projected....the organization also promotes themselves with their information on the packet. This can be done by either printing their logo or information on the pack - or a business card can be placed in an additional pocket in front.

* Golden Hour - time from injury/onset of illness till treatment

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